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Make it a Movember to Remember

Posted by Scott McMurray on
Make it a Movember to Remember

It’s been a weird year. That’s an understatement. But this is the month of glorious moustaches and freaky facial hair! We’re halfway through Movember. How are those moustaches looking fellas? Keep them growing. Participating in the Movember movement is the best way to stay united, working towards a common goal—to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

Face masks will make it difficult to reveal those ‘staches so there are even more reasons to make this a Movember to remember.  For any man facing a cancer diagnosis or struggling with mental health issues, Movember is a way to demonstrate that they are not alone. Every dollar makes a difference. Check out the Movember website and get involved. You may not be able to collect as many donations as you did in previous years, or you may even raise more. As we all learned this year, nothing is predictable. You never know until you try.

Awareness is important too. Whether you are able to collect funds or just support the cause by growing your moustache (not you, ladies!) and starting conversations about men’s health, words are powerful contributors too. If you see a man who is struggling this year, physically, emotionally or otherwise, reach out. Having a Mo Bro who’s got your back is more important today than ever.

There’s still time to sign up and take part. Visit the Movember website


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