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Our Story

Kyshen Natural was born out of desperation. Surprised to read this on our About Us page? It’s true. Two years ago, I started to get sore eyes. For over seven months my eyes became so bad that I was literally crying every waking minute of the day. My eyes were red, swollen and extremely painful.

After numerous doctor visits, I had something new to cry about—an allergic reaction to the preservatives in the eye drops! But that was my light bulb moment. Maybe all the chemicals in the makeup and face creams I had been using were causing my issue. And that was when the Kyshen journey began.

I started researching preservative-free makeup and face creams and discovered that there weren’t many around. Then my husband suggested we develop our own all natural products. What a genius!

We embarked on our journey with no idea of how to develop a skincare range, but we partnered with some very knowledgeable, successful people in the industry and have come up with products that are beautiful to use, are all natural and most importantly do not cause an allergic reaction around my eyes.

Of course my husband was happy that I had amazing all natural products to use, but deep down he was a wee bit jealous. All natural products for men were hard to find.

So guess what...we developed an all-natural range for the guys too.

Today, we are slowly growing our business to include every member of your family. We’ve got Mum and Dad covered, so we are developing a range for your little ones and your fur babies!

If you have a desire to put only the best natural ingredients on your skin, give our Kyshen Natural line a try.

Goodbye red eyes and chemicals—hello naturally beautiful skin!