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Meet your new BFF

Posted by Scott McMurray on
Meet your new BFF

If you’ve browsed the Kyshen Natural website, you’ve no doubt noticed that the Konjac sponge is one of our secret weapons and at the core of our product line. You may have also wondered what it is and how it works. Well… lucky for you we know a thing or two about this natural beauty tool and we’re happy to share what all the buzz is about.

It’s at the root of beauty (literally)
The Konjac sponge is exactly what the name implies… a natural sponge made from the root of the konjac plant, a vegetable that grows in Asia and has long been prized in Asian cultures for its many skincare benefits.  Using a konjac sponge is like using a gentle loofah (with a much softer, silkier texture). Used all over, it helps to exfoliate dry skin, treat acne-prone areas and lessen the effects of eczema and other skin conditions.

The konjac plant has natural, nourishing vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fatty acids. Rich in antioxidant goodness, it has the incredible ability to cleanse and nourish while also balancing your skin’s pH levels. Pretty awesome, right?

We’re so smitten with the konjac sponge that we offer not one, but five different varieties. We know what you’re thinking… five? Is that really necessary? Why yes…yes it is.  And we’ll tell you why. Each sponge contains different active ingredients. Our Pure sponge is the basic sponge that suits everyone. The Charcoal sponge has anti-bacterial acne-fighting properties teenagers will love, while our Collagen sponge is just what Mum ordered to keep wrinkles at bay. The Green Tea sponge is good for preventing age spots, and don’t even get us started about the wonders of the Turmeric sponge!

Curious to know how it works?
When you first hold the sponge in your hand, it’s dry and hard. When you wet it, it softens and has a unique, sleek texture. When using it initially, we suggest soaking the sponge in a sink of warm water for about 10-15 minutes until it expands and softens. Squeeze out excess water and use it on your skin using light circular motions.  You can use it alone or with Kyshen Natural Face Wash and Body Wash.

It’s one of the best ways we know of to exfoliate your skin to bring healthy, glowing skin to the surface. Use it as part of your morning and evening facial routine as well as in the shower for an all-over cleanse. This sponge is gentle enough for removing stubborn eye makeup too. Told ya… miracle sponge.

Once you’re done (and your skin feels amazing) give the sponge a final rinse, squeeze out water and hang your sponge to dry. You can also place it on a slatted soap dish as long as it has airflow. Your konjac sponge will harden once it’s dry. No worries, this is normal. Simply allow it to soak up water again before using it.

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